Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"I'm telling you. That was him."

If you watched TV last night, you probably heard President Obama's speech. In it, he mentioned his trip to Elkhart, IN. I work very close to South Bend Regional so I hear planes coming and going all the time. Plus, having lived near Air Force bases, I can tell when certain jet sounds are just a little out of the ordinary. So when I heard a significantly deep rumble in the morning, I told my coworkers, "Obama is here." They didn't believe me. And when I heard it again a few hours later I told him that he was leaving. They asked me how I could know these things and I can't explain it. How could you not? Other than the modified 747s that the President has, no other 747s land at this airport.

Come back later tonight. I'll have some pics.

Me on board one of the planes in the executive fleet that is typically used by the Vice President or Secretary of State.


TardisGirl said...

Had no idea Obama was in Elkhart... but then I don't watch much television.

This is your own personal plane? :-)

David said...

Ha. If only! That's the real deal by the way. Not a museum plane. This was before the 9-11 attacks about three or so months into Pres. G. W. Bush's first term. We also ran around, freely for the most part, around the captiol building. Don't think anyone can do that anymore.

Stacey said...

how did you get to do all that? was it something with school? its cool that you got to do it because you're right, with homeland security I am sure that is frowned upon now!

David said...

Nope. With Air Force cadets. I've got other pictures including the hanger where they keep the modified 747s. The security at that place is uber tight. They wouldn't even let us get off the bus. Well they let one guy off so that he could be attacked by a guard dog. No really, I'm telling the truth. I wont show it on here because I'm sure it can reveal a number of security features. (There's a good reason why Google Maps is not allowed on military bases.)

As for roaming around the Capitol, apparently we weren't supposed to have been doing that either but no one stopped us. Aside from a few corridors and the House and Senate Chambers, we were pretty much free to go where we pleased.