Friday, January 16, 2009

You should be damn grateful.

The bitter cold has been causing schools to be canceled. According to this WNDU article, the YMCA of Michiana is offering a program to babysit kids. The fee is $30 and covers a range of activities. Personally, I think that it is a great idea. Of course, there are others who don’t.

Teresa, a commenter from South Bend, provided this little gem:

I believe $30 is alot for the whole day, since my son is already a member and I could drop him off for the day. We pay $18 a month for him to be a member and I'm not paying additional $30 for the day. I think the Y should provide lunch. My son loves going to the Y but I just can't afford paying a monthly fee and a daily fee.

Am I understanding that she wants her son to be taken care of for 6 cents an hour? Really, let’s do the math. 18 dollars divided by 31 comes out to about 58 cents a day. 58 cents divided by 9 is about 6 cents. I wouldn’t watch her kid pick his nose for that kind of money.

Is there anyone here who has kids that they send to daycare? I bet you dollars to donuts that you are spending a helluva lot more than this woman wants to pay. I doubt, that if she is forking over monthly dues for a membership, she can’t afford $30 for one or two days. Because if she can’t—then she shouldn’t be paying for a membership anyways.

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Laurie said...

Daycare by me is $200 a week easy. Even the small Christian day care is $175 and that is pretty much for before and after school care. $30 a day is CHEAP!! Especially for what amounts to a drop off center.