Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why? Because I’m stupid.

After two days straight of not being able to use the touch interface on my phone, I said, “Fuck it,” and headed to Verizon to buy myself a BlackBerry Storm. I really did want to sit on it for a while considering the job situation is kind of scary right now and the Storm doesn’t have that great of reviews.

One of my bosses and the comptroller asked for documentation on how I do some aspects of my jobs. Hmm… Uh huh.

I grabbed my Alltel contract, my most recent bill, and my gift card and headed for the Verizon kiosk at the mall because I knew that they would be open at 7pm. Buying a phone there took a long time. They certainly didn’t do this at Alltel, but the supervisor that I was buying the phone from was doing everything he could possibly do for my phone making sure that I could walk away using it. I kind of wanted to give him a tip afterwards.

So I’ve got an expensive little device. After all is said and done, I’ve only paid $50 since I had that gift card plus a rebate which I will get latter after I’ve decided that I’m going to stick with the phone.

Now I’ve read and seen a lot of reviews of people complaining about this phone and it really caused me to agonize whether I wanted to go with this or not. I’ve only spent a day with it so far so take what I am about to write with a grain of salt. The scary issues that other people have been having with this phone don’t seem to be popping up on this unit. BTW, I am running which the unit came to me with. I would have to say that the biggest annoyance that I have is that the touch screen is not as precise as I think that Apple’s iPod Touch or, presumably, the iPhone is. Oh! The layout of the calculator is really messed up. Normal calculators have the addition, subtraction, etc. signs to the side of the keypad. Here, the Multiply and Addition are on the bottom. Divide and Subtract are on the left side. Crazy Canadians.

The phone is pretty darn expensive to own and I’m going have to find an extra $30 a month for it. That’s like 29 whopper juniors (adjusted to reflect tax). BUT... I must say I do love it.*

*Yeah... I once said the same thing about my previous phone.

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john said...

I think the phone looks very cool. It's gotta be fun to have.