Wednesday, January 14, 2009

“It’ll freeze before it hits the ground.”

We’ve been getting quite a bit of snow lately and it has been bitterly cold. Temps are below zero and factoring in the wind chill we’re going to about -20F. I, like most people, will go into work and bitch about the snow and how long it took me to drive there. Everyone does it and we all know it’s just bitching just to bitch. You share in their misery or sympathize for a moment and then you all move on. But--there are just some people that you just want throw into a snow bank.

I really hate people who use up their allotted 3 minute weather complaint time. Seriously—we all get how crazy Michiana weather can be. If the always-wrong weatherman can complete his forecast in 3 minutes, why can’t they? It’s not that they want to declare that the weather sucks (which we all do) but they start talking about it as if this kind of weather is new to them or that Mother Nature has some sort of conspiracy to ruin their lives.

There was a lady at lunch today that paced in front of the windows telling us that it was snowing and because we get banded lake effect snow—it starts and stops. “Look, the snow stopped.” “Damn, there it goes again.” “It stopped again. Good because I hate snow.” Geeze lady, take a chill pill. You got five hours before you have to dig out your car.

Some of the commentators in the local news sites were also bitching. One kid was angry that school wasn’t canceled and he was being “forced” into having to drive in this kind of weather. A mother (who clearly needed a paper bag) was going on about having her kids have to ride to school in a bus and that if anything happened to her kids she was going to file a lawsuit. Boo hoo. First, the kid can take the fucking bus if he’s too much of a wuss to get up a little earlier. The mother can keep her kids at home if she wants.

We live in the north. It gets cold. It freezes. It snows. The sun hates us and rarely pays a visit. Our fruits get more expensive. People start getting SAD and people like me start getting more grumpy. That’s just the way it is. Deal with it!

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