Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I got some pictures in the mail from the trip to San Diego/Tijuana. Stacey sent me a copy of hers and I've stitched this shot of the Tijuana River. I tried to get one of the city skyline but the program couldn't pull it off.

Go ahead an click on the circular leaf thingy to see it more clearly.

It's a view of the "river." Also, you can clearly see across the border into the United States which has no buildings as compared to the Mexican side which is developed all the way up to the border.

To read more, click "I Dared to Drink the Water."


Stacey said...

hey! i am glad that you got the CD, I had problems getting the pictures sent to you over the Internet.. I am sure that sending you the CD was the hard way... but it seemed easiest to me! You should post the picture of you portraying a giraffe. It is great! See you soon... try to melt some of that snow for us!

David said...

Yes, well I try not turn off what little readers I have. The giraffe picture might do that. :-P

The snow has been melting but I can't say it will stay that way until you get there. Hell, you know Michigan, I can't say what the weather is going to be four hours from now.