Monday, December 08, 2008

Over the Weekend

Just some bits in no particular order.

The Christmas decorations are up. I’m going to start on my Christmas cards soon. Keep those addresses coming!


MSU is going to be playing in the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, FL on New Year’s against Georgia. Go Green!


I was going to go Christmas shopping this weekend. I got a gift card from my job because I have reached my one year anniversary. Thanks to this wintry crap, I decided to stay at home and watch movies. In particular, the old Disney ones like Swiss Family Robinson.


I’ve been following the news surrounding the Lisbon Treaty with some interest. The Irish Prime Minister has been on a European tour to create a deal that will allow a second referendum in Ireland. I’ve read other bloggers and commentators who have expressed what I would say is rage over the EU’s apparent refusal to take no for an answer. I mean, good for the Irish whose constitution requires referendums for constitutional amendments, but I don’t see what is so bad about having a second vote. I wouldn’t say that it is designed to wear down the opposition but I would say that the NO backers have plenty of time to spin up their campaigns.

If I were ruler of the world (in which case this whole EU thing would not be occurring) I would do it this way: I would draft a constitution that lays out the basic structure of government and present it to the EU citizens in the media—newspapers and internet so that they can read for themselves what is being proposed. The populations of the various states will be called on to vote YES or vote NO in one of two ways: a.) through a national referendum or b.) through their elective governments. A yes or no vote through a referendum may be done through a simple majority and the tally may be marked immediately. However, a vote by an elected government must be voted on twice by the legislature separated by a general election (this way the population may react to the first government’s vote). Ratification would occur once ¾ of the states agree. At that point, the European Union dissolves as it was and the new constitution… treaty… whatever goes into effect.

Wow that was longer than I intended.


I still find it funny that the American press practically ignores what is happening in Canada. Meanwhile, our politicians’ names get dragged into their Parliament—at least when it was last sitting. Heh heh.


Erin wants me to start back up on yoga. I’d be doing it right now, but I’m still limping around and I don’t want to put any more pressure on my ankle. Maybe next week.


Woo hoo! The right team won the Amazing Race this season. I'd tell you but maybe the Doc hasn't seen it yet so I won't spoil it for him.


Did anyone else watch that Hallmark movie last night--In Front of the Class? Man, I'm such a softy.


John Provis said...

Thanks..! And no, I haven't seen it yet, they were still in India last time I checked. Although, some of the shows we're getting here are now being 'fast-tracked' so they're shown only a week after you guys get them; I think the fact that the new episodes are always up on bittorrent before they screen in Oz is probably starting to have some sort of an effect.

David said...

I think you should try out for this show. You're practically practicing for it with all the traveling you do!