Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rocking at a Party

I had a good time at the party last night. Getting there was a hellish adventure as I took the main roads to get there. The same roads that people from the Notre Dame game were using to get out after a heartbreaking loss to Pittsburgh in the fourth overtime. I forgot to take them into consideration when I drove my usual route to Mishawaka.

After hearing all the King George comments these past few years, I figure it’s going to be my turn to make fun of the [future] president. So I went as Barackus, the man who brings down the American Republic demanding your change to fund change. Trying to combine celebrity (the party’s theme), political commentary, and my fascination with history turned out to work pretty well. That was a relief since I thought that a lot of people wouldn’t get it.

Not that I was expecting to, but I didn’t win any prizes for my costume. Those went to a guy dressed up in a big foam milk shake, another guy with a snake coming out of his pants, and the king and queen couple. (You can see the king in the next picture – and he’s British English in real life.)

Unlike the previous times, I did not participate in the binge drinking. I didn’t know the majority of the people there. I mean, I recognize them from other parties but I didn’t know them. Most of the time, I was I was playing or watching others play Guitar Hero. I’ve never played before but I can see why it is so popular. I had a blast trying to figure that darn thing out. Finding a person who sucked as bad as I did was hard. Man—if I only had my own Wii and Guitar Hero….

Around 1am and after the fifth playing of the Bon Jovi song, Living on a Prayer, I was done and said my goodbyes. Justin’s birthday is coming up and I hear that there’s going to be another party. God, I love childless couples. j/k


Season said...

thats a great costume!

Stacey said...

childless couples are the best... i hope to be part of one for much longer- and you can brush up on your Guitar Hero when you visit us... except I must say, I am pretty good AND you look great in your costume!

Laurie said...

Jed and I have rock band for the PS2 so that is an option for you as well. I know that guitar is a litte easier but it is still a blast. Your costume was awesome! We went to Chicago for Halloween and almost everthing was very typical. Way to think outside the box.

David said...

Thanks all.

@Stacey: You can count me in on a play off. Umm... I'm allowed to be on beginner level right?

@Laurie: Chicago for Halloween? Now that seems to be full of interesting stories. If you only had a place to write about it...

Laurie said...

The stories are fun but then my kids and collegues could find it and then that would leave me jobless.