Saturday, November 01, 2008

For the past week…

You know how it goes, it was the end of the week so I couldn’t muster up the energy to write any posts. Yadda yadda, same ol’ excuse I know.

For the majority of October, I had been covering someone else’s duties. Basically, it left me with little to no time to do the other things that I normally do which is compile statistical reports and data entry/manipulation. My job alone, can take up my whole day and, depending on the period of the month, even more. Yeah, this past month has been murder but I’ve gotten through it. My relief has finally moved into her office and has taken back her job. Just in time for me to compile the BIG ASS Report which takes a straight up 2.5-3 days to do. I got that done last night and submitted it for review and approval. I’ll do a final look-over on Monday before it can be submitted for billing.

On Monday, I was made into a member of a committee. The membership is meant to have at least one person from each building—office and floor side. So I am representing my building’s floor. Although I do office work, I’m still vulnerable to being run over by a fork lift. So I get this month’s packet in which I will vote for who I think is deserving for employee of the month. My name is up for the nomination. My first time participating in a committee and I’m presented with a choice with my own name! Am I allowed to vote for myself? Umm, conflict of interest I think. I chose not to vote for myself. I don’t think that would have been classy.

I was named employee of the month.

Remember my trip to Ann Arbor? Karl still hasn’t sent back my camera plus he wasn’t responding to my emails or text messages. I was getting pretty pissed because my trip to California is coming up soon and I wanted my damn camera. While I know I would have done it, I would have hated spending $250+ for a decent camera. A new camera would have exceeded my travel budget. And while my camera phone is decent enough for impromptu snaps, it’s not for good quality memories. He texted me a few hours ago and said that he is mailing it today.

I wore my costume to work yesterday. They allow us to dress up but few people did. In fact, other than a few head pieces, I was the only one in full costume. (Don’t worry, I’m wearing the same thing to Carrie and Justin’s party tonight so you’ll get a chance to see it.) Everyone liked it but not everyone understood it. And that’s okay because you can look at it from multiple viewpoints. I did get warned about my mask. There was fear that I might get run over by a fork lift.


john said...

Happy Halloween! Have a good trip!

season said...

Congratulations Employee of the month! Did you get anything for that?

David said...

@John: I am determined to have a blast.

@ Season: Thanks! I got a day off and a lovely plaque. More importantly--a nice entry for my resume. :o)