Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Sci-fi Geekery

I really wish that Stargate SG-1 could have gone on for more seasons. I will admit that initially I was cool with the idea of new characters like Jonas and then Col. Mitchell and Vala. Well—not really Vala. I liked her from the get go. But when it was not renewed, I was sad because I still liked that show better than Stargate Atlantis (which fraked it up majorly for me when they got rid of Doctors Beckett and Weir). SG-1’s end left the Ori story arc still unresolved although it was announced that this would be wrapped up in a movie.

I had hoped that, eventually, Stargate: The Ark of Truth would be shown the Sci-Fi Channel because I didn’t want to pay for a DVD copy of the movie. If I had that, then I’d want to buy season DVDs to accompany it! If Sci-Fi did broadcast it, I missed it. I broke down yesterday and bought the dang thing because I found it in the bargain bin at Walmart.

My reaction to it was fairly positive. I wasn’t expecting a movie in the grand Hollywood style. It really is more like a bloated episode from the series. The only difference, other than time, probably being the score. Aside from the usual movie complaint that I wish the characters like Adria and Tomin got more screen time and development, I only have a problem with the replicator story line in the movie. I don’t think that it was necessary. Actually—it was a huge distraction particularly when the replicators took over that douche bag from the IOA. Still, I think that this was an excellent wrap up to the Ori story arc.

Some photos of the new Star Trek movie were released. The wait is killing me! I want to see this movie so bad and seeing the small photo sets should be considered cruelty. Some comments: the new bridge looks pretty neat—at least what little of it is visible but it looks like that the bridge was not as faithful to the original as the uniforms. The uniforms look very much like the old series's except that they aren’t just plain colored shirts anymore. The short skirts and boots even made it.
Word is that this movie is going to be cheesy just like the series and that it will be “fun.” That’s good news to my ears as all the TNG films have been deadly serious. There’s a reason why Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home remains one of the most favorite movies of Star Trek. It would be nice to be return to something like that.


Sooo-this-is-me said...

David geek is the new cool! :)

Kapitano said...

I saw Ark of Truth a few months ago...and honestly can't remember anything about it. Except that, yes, it looked like a feature length episode.

As for the new ST, it does look cool (and camply retro) from the pic...but I'm not sure about the guy who is presumably Kirk, cute though he is.

Kirk, IMO, should be older - more experienced, more of a crush than a boyfriend, more of an uncle than a peer, and, well, not the dumb impulsive type.

David said...

@Steven: That memo obviously has not been distributed around these parts.

@Kapitano: You're more of a Picard guy aren't you?