Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saving Jesus from the Sherriff of Nottingham

What the hell was I smoking last night? Actually nothing but if I’m having these kind of wacky dreams, I better have been on something!

It started, I think, at college like campus in the middle of a forest. Think of Endor in Star Wars Episode VI. I was sitting in the outdoor amphitheater of a college building that appeared to have been built in the mid 80’s. It was contemporary, white, and made almost entirely of concrete. It had elevated pathways, also made of the concrete that would wind through the forest to connect to other buildings.

So I was sitting there talking with Jesus when we come under attack. Arrows hit near us and I grab my Lord and push him to run for cover. We jump over the railings and on to the ground. Then we run under the elevated walkway and use it as a sort of cover.

We loose our attackers but I stopped in my tracks when I heard some noise coming from ahead. So Jesus and I start crawling through the brush and spy on the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy trying to coordinate our capture with their soldiers. Shortly afterwards we get pounced on by Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. They had to cover our mouths to keep us from yelping in surprise.

Robin Hood makes a plan in which his band will create a distraction so that Jesus and I can make another run for it and escape. Fifty men in tight tights descend on the Sheriff and his guys and commence to do battle using that fake swordsmanship that you see in the old movies. You know—where all they do is hit up and then down and never scoring a hit.

Jesus and I make a run for it, but he falls and I have to go back for him. The Sheriff goes after Jesus and so I have to pick up one of the fallen swords and I block him just as he made his strike. I ain’t a fighter so I’m just then realizing that I am in deep shit. Fortunately Robin comes in and takes on the Sheriff.

And then I wake up.

What the fuck?

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Sooo-this-is-me said...

I just don't know where to start with that one buddy! Just too many good jokes in there and they are all crashing into each other trying to get out! XD