Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reading Shit while Smelling Shit

For the first time since getting out of college, I’ve been reading three books simultaneously. I’m reading “America’s Constitution: A Biography” by Akhil Amar which, to my delight, is a fascinating read. Along with that book, I’m reading “The Federalist” which is the collection of the Federalist Papers—articles written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay arguing for the ratification of the US Constitution. That has proven to be a little more time consuming but I’m making my way through it. The third book I just got done with—finally!

I’m not going to name this third book because I’m sure that the author or one of his fans would stumble onto this blog and give me crap about it. Yes, I’m just that spineless. The book club that I belong to assigned this particular book which is a set of short and true stories about the author. Most of the books that I’ve read for this club have been pretty decent and enjoyable. This particular, author, I have come to believe is one big a-hole shoving out a bunch of crap. Maybe I’m supposed to feel sorry for his difficult childhood and laugh at his snarky look at life but I could not get over just how self-centered he was. It wasn’t until the very end where I thought that he might have some redeeming qualities but by then I’ve been completely put off by his antics. Thankfully, I’m done with it and tomorrow I'll tell everyone at the meeting that if anyone suggests another one of this author's books, I'm going to run them down and stab them with scissors.

Oh yeah… the smelling shit part. Holy cow, does it freakin’ smell around here. The wind is blowing just right because the smell of manure and wet hay is hanging around. It’s necessitated the use of some aroma candles.


Zachary said...

Does his name rhyme with Raugusten Rurroughs?

David said...

Why yes it does Scoob.

Zachary said...

I love his writing! I can't believe you don't. He's a by his bootstraps kind of guy!