Friday, August 22, 2008

VP Pick and a Dead Proposal

With only a short time left before Sen. Obama reveals his running mate, rumors are heating up that it will indeed be Sen. Evan Bayh. Now supposing that this was true and supposing that it was Bayh running for the Presidency and Obama for Vice, I would tell you right here, right now, that I would be voting for the democrats this fall. As much as I like Sen. Bayh, I really don’t see the VP as being all that important of a position. He’d be an ear in the Oval Office, a rubber stamp in the Senate, and a scapegoat on the stage.

I mentioned a while ago (here & here) that some groups in Michigan were trying to get a Proposal on the ballot that would, among other things, downsize the government in the legislature and the courts. The proposal has been rejected.

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