Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just tell us where we can pick it up.

My cubicle mate and former supervisor looked like she was ready to kill at the end of today. As I was doing the end of day data entry she was trying to track down some documents that DHL still had--documents that we should have had this past Friday. I listened in as she got the runaround. I told her on Monday that since we know that the stuff is in Chicago, I’d gladly drive there if I got paid for mileage. Hell, I’d go on my off time to get them. While the docs are important, I wanted an excuse to drive to the city and have my gas paid for. Five hours is all I would ask.

After hanging up for the last time, she told me that DHL wanted to send it over themselves. Something about sending it to Ohio and having it Detroit by 3:30 tomorrow afternoon.* Well we absolutely need those documents by 4:00 and unless they were going to send a plane and parachute it in, we weren’t going to have it in time. So it looks like the suggestion that I made way back when is going to be implemented. Too bad I couldn’t go.

*Sound familiar?


Kapitano said...

Whoever's sending the docs...maybe they have one of those "scanner" things, and...what's it called? Email!

David said...

One day I'll have to tell you why I just laughed hard at what you wrote.