Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'd rather hack it here, I think.

Earlier today I was reading an article reporting that the average Canadian lives better than the average American. They work less, are richer, have more and better sex. Sounds great to me! Where do I sign up?

Nah, I’m just joking. I love being an American and living in the Midwest (most of the year anyways). But it did get me thinking about a more “European” kind of life—which, somehow, Canadian life is like according to the article.

I’ve made a post where I indicated that I was willing to live abroad. Places like London and Sydney. I also said that I’d be willing to live in Canada with Vancouver and Toronto pretty much being the only options. One, that’s probably where an illegal immigrant like me could find a job. Two, they’re about as far south as you can get in Canada.

But would I be happy in Canada or anywhere else? For a couple years, most definitely. Hell, I’d even be willing to spend that time in more non-Anglo countries as well. Hello Berlin. And living a “European” lifestyle which is less materialistic and less competitive does have great appeal.

Forgive me, but I’m about to write about perception that I have about what a “European” lifestyle entails and that is this: living a comfortable yet immobile life. I picture my life being repetitive where I get up, go to work on public transport, working a mediocre job for mediocre pay, taking the transport back home and having an occasional drink with local friends at a local bar. Except on those extended available days for vacation, I’d never deviate more than a couple miles away from my beaten path. It’s not such a bad thing in my mind. It’s stable and is more rewarding than I give it credit for.

When I look at my current situation, I don’t see stability. In fact, my life is kinda sucky. I live with my parents and work in a job that would barely allow me to live independent if I chose. Yet, I see wonderful potential. I have dreams and hopes to go to school, get a better job, and live a better kind of life. I have the American dream right now, in my head and in my heart.

I would love to live in Europe or Canada or Australia and maybe, given the right set of circumstances, I would choose to stay. Maybe I would be happier there. But I think I want to give my own home team the first chance to…compete…for my happier existence. Plus, the fact that I don’t need paperwork to cross the borders here makes it easier.

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