Monday, June 02, 2008

I hate the term "organic."

Something I heard today both amused and irritated me. A commercial essentially claimed that their cotton was "organic." No crap. If it wasn't it'd be called something else. The fact that it comes from a plant that is grown and harvested makes it pretty damn organic to me.

I hate the term organic in the way that it is marketed. I would much rather they call an "organic" product something like--"unmodified stuff that is less likely to kill you by fucking you up internally...probably...maybe...oh just go with it and pay more."


Sooo-this-is-me said...

Organic food like Choco Tacos? ;P

oscar said...

Here here! It's the newest, hippest word around. When it's organic, it must be good for you, politically correct and save the whales all at once!

Crap, poo. There you go, more organic for ya!

Kapitano said...

It could be worse. They could be selling food as "Natural".

Or saying it contains no "Chemicals".

Then it'd be really bad.