Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dinner and a Movie—Did I Just Date a Family?

Yesterday’s cookout was pretty fun. It was pretty much Erin, her family, and me. Ribs, cornbread, some greens, and some southwestern noodle bake were the main stuff. B and G brought some more sides and I brought the desert. Good food.

Erin and her sister said that they (along with their husband and boyfriend respectively) were going to ditch the older folks and go out the movies and wondered if I wanted to go along. The choices were pretty much Sex and the City and the new Indiana Jones movie. Because I have no shame in being the fifth wheel by hanging out with these two couples, I tagged along.

Sure, I said that I wasn’t planning to go see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull but why pass up the opportunity?

E and M and the reason why we almost missed the 9:40.

Warning! Spoilers below.

The reason why I did not want to see Indiana Jones was because I did not want to be disappointed. The trilogy holds a special place in my heart just like Star Wars Episodes IV-VI do. There is a vision of Indy that I have in my head and I was afraid that if this movie turned out to be a big pile of poop, then that image would be ruined forever. Oh well… I didn’t let that bother me in the end.

The movie was okay. Personally, I thought it was a bit over the top but to its credit, the other films had some moments that were over the top. Think Temple of Doom. The scenes that come immediately to mind is where he survives a nuclear blast inside a fridge and the army ants.

I thought that this movie was a departure from the others in that this was more sci-fi. The first three were more religious. Raiders and Crusade were Judeo-Christian and Temple of Doom was Hindu (I believe). Although Crystal Skull dealt with religion—it went further by giving us a face as to what the religion was based around.

It’s an entertaining movie and although I would still put it last in my personal rankings, it’s still lumped together and an enjoyable action/adventure/comedy.

If you are fan of the Indiana Jones franchise, don’t skip out on it. It’s not as bad as you might fear. If you’re not a fan—well… there’s Sex and the City.

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