Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday the 13th—Two Weeks Late

Yesterday was one suck ass day.

It all started going wrong at work where I had been bumped out of my position. My job requires that I do a certain set of things at this time of the month. However, due to the “other project” where I have been covering for another worker, my predecessor had to be called back. It made me feel like I wasn’t doing my job. And although in my head I know that was not the case, it still made me feel horrible.

I got off work late (again) because last minute requests kept flooding in. And although I can technically cut those requests off at 4:45, I always help out. But I was getting ticked because I wanted to get to Niles as fast as possible so I could see Wall-E which was playing at 6:30. I had to beat those kids to the popcorn machine, ya know.

Finally around 5:30, I get on the bypass and head to Niles. My back passenger tire blows out. Hmm, five days after the dealership tells me that I need new tires. Coincidence??? I called Erin to tell her that I would have to cancel the movie plans. That’s okay she says because she, Jason, and Carrie were watching downtown go up in flames. More on that later.

I prepare myself to change the second tire of my life—but this time with cars blowing past me only feet away at 70-80mph. I get out my spare tire and what the hell—where is the jack? My last car had the jack underneath the wheel. So I called Erin to see if she could bring out a jack with her. She and Jason arrive and what happens? Jason finds my jack in a freakin’ hidden side compartment. I’m just dying of embarrassment.

For their help, I offer to take them out to dinner. But first we head to downtown Niles where the whole area is blocked off. Mejerek's caught on fire and smoke was everywhere. I had heard that it was worse before with poor visibility blocks around. I had an amusing time as the crowd spreads around the rumors. I saw some idiot kids playing in the water runoff. Seriously, where are their parents? The fire is so bad that I’m sure that Majerek's and the surrounding two buildings are total losses.

Trying to find the silver lining is very hard for a pessimist such as myself but I did come up with some.

1.) I didn’t have to do that monthly thing for work which means that I didn’t have to try and fit two full time jobs in one.

2.) Even though new tires just got bumped up in the list of priorities, Jason did offer to replace my rotors for cheap.

3.) The fire was contained and thankfully did not burn down any of the more historic buildings.

I was actually touched by what I saw at that fire. Erin, Jason, and bunch of other people headed right for the supermarket and bought food for those firefighters. Some retail store brought in water and Gatorade. Sailor’s donated pizza. Surrounding communities sent help even Clay which is in Indiana was there.

The Niles Fire Department was attending a funeral when the call came. It is still a reminder of the risks and sacrifices our emergency responders take on.

Perhaps the day wasn’t so bad.

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Stacey said...

Two things... 1. you have go to see Wall-E if you haven't already! It was great.
And 2, my mom worked at the South Bend tribune which was next door to Majereks... she was the receptionist there (not when it burnt down) it's sad because now she doesn't have her cushy perfect job...i heard that the fire was pretty bad though