Friday, May 23, 2008

I need a three day weekend.

In this week's episode: No Luck with the Choco Taco, Job Training, and Just a Bit of Television.

Crap. I forgot that BSG isn't on this week.


Kristel said...

Yeah... $4.17 per gallon up here.... GAH!!! And yeah... when you go to that place, make sure you have dinner there as well, it's not too bad :) A little expensive for my taste, but meh.

Stacey said...

gas is $4.05-$4.21 in Seattle, and did you try our choco taco hot tip yet at Andys grocery?

David said...

$3.97 today at Wal-mart or $3.94 with your card.

@Kris and Stacey: I just got in a few minutes ago and I've got them! But Kris--I'm not going up there now. Stacey--Andy's did not have them. I sent Kraig a text while I was there. But yes, I got them. Stay tuned.