Sunday, May 25, 2008

Getting Things Done on Sunday

For a little over a month now, I have been doing my laundry at a laundromat because the “new” washer leaves stains. The water where I live comes from a well and we don’t live on a great site. When we moved here from the city, I literally spat out the water the first time I took a drink from the tap. Over the years we have gotten used to having to double filter our water to drink, and we have also learned that white cloth has a limited life span.

Our whites, over time, would tint orange. No big deal. However, the washer that was installed a couple months ago started to leave blotches of stains on our clothes. That was unacceptable. I am vain enough that I will not go out in public with stains on my clothes. Oh, I still use the crappy washer but only for my towels and bed sheets. [Laughs] It’s not like anyone else is going to see them. Okay well, except y’all.

No smart ass comments from the peanut gallery. Those are water stains!

Stacey said that Kraig had suggestion that I try Andy’s if I wanted to find a Chaco Taco. Apparently, Kraig used to get them there. Andy’s was on my way home and if I could get one there, it certainly would have been easier than going all the way up to Watervliet. The closest thing they had to ice cream was yogurt of questionable freshness.

I think it was Season who recommended that I try the Pro. So there was one more place on my way back home that I could try. I gritted my teeth (because I hate conducting business in this town village) and went in. And whadda ya know? Chaco Tacos are sold one mile from where I live.

And while I was enjoying one of my Chaco Tacos (because you can’t eat just one), I heard voices outside my window. The new neighbors were back and I was getting my first look at them. Scary looking bunch, I must say. I did hear that it was supposed to be a mother and daughter. So I doubt the strapping young guy that was with them will be staying.

One thing that does seem odd to me is how long they are taking to move in. They are on their second week and they are still not in. Maybe my own history with moving is different than others. But it usually follows that I will wake up in one place and be sleeping in another the next day.


season said...

Hey davie...they have this stuff called iron-out. Its for whites and will keep those stains off. But be careful and read the instructions carefully. Seriously try it. It will save some money and it works! Yay for the choco taco! I thought the pro would sell them. I use to get them when we were in hs all the time.

Stacey said...

Congrats! your epic journey is complete! the choco taco has been reclaimed!