Friday, August 24, 2007

Status Report


I've developed a cold. What is that saying? Starve a cold, feed a fever? Well, I just made some awesome chicken er... something. Anyways, it's delecious and I can tell that through my stuffed up condition. Or maybe it's affected my seneses so that crap tastes great. Eh, we'll just say it's good stuff.

We've been having a lot of wet weather lately. Storm cells have been popping through every day for about a week or so. The worst so far came yesterday and it came in like a SOB. There I was trying to make a comment on someone else's blog when the power went out. I was confused. When I came in from work not one hour earlier, it was partly sunny skies. So I go to the kitchen which faces west and I see this big mean wall of dark grey come racing towards me. And in an instant, the winds pick up and start bending the trees over. Rain starts pouring down. Tree branches, corn, the neighbor's cat go flying. Scary stuff. I was worried that the tree in the front might topple over onto my car. I debated whether or not I should go move it down the driveway. Then I thought, maybe I'll get a new car out of this. The car is just fine by the way. Later, I found out that pretty much all of lower Berrien County got their power cut. Carol, our neighbor, heard it through the grapevine that we wouldn't be getting it back until this afternoon but thanks to our diligent electrical workers, power was restored to this backwater village half a day early.

Read the South Bend Tribune articles here and here. Associated Press here.

I may be sick, but I'll be going in for overtime this weekend. Gotta pay off VISA ya know. I may take the option of leaving at lunch though. I want to see a new movie and maybe I'll catch it.

Until next time, take care. Oh and if you've got some chicken soup recipes to share, send them to me.

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