Sunday, July 22, 2007

Maybe I should pick up the books.

This latest Harry Potter movie was the first to get me to thinking that I really am missing a lot. I could tell that there were some things in the movie that I would have understood if I had read the books. Aside from half of Chapter One of The Sorcerer's Stone, I have not read any of the Harry Potter books. No, I've only seen the movies--and most of what went on in them I've forgotten.

The movie, for me, was very flat. There weren't any high points or low points. The movie just went along. I did enjoy Delores Umbridge as the latest antagonist. She kind of reminds me of another teacher that I once had, with her smiling face which she thought covered her sadistic nature.

I was surprised to see that werewolf guy come back. I thought he had left for good.

What was the significance of that arch thingy that Sirius fell into?

Poor Cho Chang. They couldn't spare a moment for her to receive an apology?

If Richard Harris was alive and was still portraying Dumbledore, I wonder how they would have handled that scene with Voldemort. He's no Yoda.


Leo Carioca said...

I haven't seen this new movie yet. But I will, as soon as possible.
Sometimes it's a little difficult to understand this or that in Harry Potter's movies when we watch them for the 1st time because we often have to remember something which happened in the preceding movie. But we can see clearly the characters become more adult in each new movie.

David said...

Unfortunately, a fellow blogger let me see just how "adult" Harry Potter is. I wanted to burn my eyes out. Fortunately I heard that the picture of his willy for Equs was fake. Looked real enough for me at the time though.

Leo Carioca said...

Yes. I saw that pic too.
By the way, there's something a little strange about that... Daniel was 17 when he appeared naked at that show, wasn't he? And may a 17-year-old boy get naked in public in England?
Here in Brazil he certainly may not.

David said...

^I suspect that his nudity fell under artistic expression.