Monday, July 02, 2007

Waiting at the Races

I've been selected to do a temp job for a company. So earlier today I had to go in for a drug test. I wasn't sure if I could... preform. What? I hate having to pee on demand. Out of habit, before I left, I did my business and I wasn't sure if I had, well, anything left. Fortunately I gave them a window of an hour of when to expect me so I decided to walk over the park. See also: "By the river in SB."

So here's some more pics of My World. Also a short clip at the end. As always, click on the pictures for an enlarged version.

Walking under one of the bridges on East Race, I spotted a homeless person's camp. I don't know what the general feelings is amongst New Yorkers or Chicagoans but seeing something like this is still shocking. But the problem is well known considering the news stories about the homeless. The recent manhole murders come to mind.

Back in the days two channels were dug alongside the Saint Joseph River to provide hydro power. One is West Race the other being East Race. This is East Race. It was converted into a recreation course with rapids for kayakers and rafters.

This is the mechanism that holds back much of the water at West Race. I liked the old gears.

Above and below are the out flow of West Race which is next to Century Center, a convention facility.

This movie clip starts out showing the entrance to the fish ladder. More information can be found at this post. Just in case you missed it the first time.

Oh, yeah. I passed.


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Yeah, $15 bucks and a bout of embarassment for something I already knew.