Saturday, July 14, 2007

GO GREEN... Shirts

<--See also: Yeah I'm in that one scene... (you know-- the post preceding this one)

As I indicated, I got this Simpson avatar idea from Bob. But as I got done with my own and then saw a few more, I noticed the green shirts. I also noted that the only ones I had run into were wearing green shirts. What was with the green shirts I wondered. Had I hit upon a fashion trend and not know about it? Hmmm... Of course the last two I saw just prior to making this post ruined it for me with purple and gray so they don't get a mention. :oP

So these are the other cats that I saw with the green shirts. I remember seeing two more but I can't seem to remember their sites. So with linkin' love we have: POTUSOL, Bob, QuakerJono, and North Dallas Thirty.

UPDATE 07/14/07 @ 2253:

Making his fashionably late entrance with another lovely green shirt is Herb!

--I'd squeeze ya in right next to Bob but it's so close to bedtime. :-)


North Dallas Thirty said...

And it's also a green shirt over at I Must Be Dreaming......

David said...

^[squints eyes] What? Green that died?

That didn't sound bitchy, did it?

[be more positive...]

QuakerJono said...

Green is good, however I'm sure you'll notice that I went for the whole "tree" effect with the brown pants and shoes. I like to dress conceptually.

David said...

^Interesting. I would have thought you were a khaki/cargo person. That kind of reminds me... I need to buy some more jeans before fall gets here.

herb said...

aHEM *clears throat*

potusol said...

I was just commenting on another blog that he was the ONLY gay blogger that didn't have a green shirt on his Simpsons avatar - and you've proved my point.

: )