Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blue Sunday

This past Sunday, we had the first picking of blueberries. The early variety, the Blue Rays were ready and we already had a customer that wanted 125lbs ready by the next day. So I helped my Grandma out.

When Dad was doing is last years in the Air Force, Kris and I were sent to live with our grandparents on their farm. Picking blueberries was the job that I looked forward to because I would get paid for it. Supposedly I was paid 35¢/lb but I never kept track. The money that we made was for the Berrien County Youth Fair*. We were never given the cash but Grandma made sure that we had fun and I don't have a memory of her ever saying no to something that we wanted.

I think picking blueberries is a blast. Not to mention they are absolutely delicious and nutritious. Some of the best blueberries don't make it into my bucket because I'll eat 'em. It is also the one job that you can easily listen to music while doing.

Yes, it's all picked by hand. No berry picking machines on this farm.

This is Tracee. She doesn't get chained up because she goes out hunting in the fields at night. Rabbits, woodchucks, coons, and even mice are all in danger.

*To see more of the BCYF see this month. To see some more of the farm see this post.


Leo Carioca said...

Perhaps Tracee is dangerous. But she's also very fluffy!

japanesewhispers said...

Awww Tracee's so cute, she looks just like my wee Shiba-ken Himiko!

japanesewhispers said...

What kind of dog is Tracee?