Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why pay for what you can see for free? Good question.

***Spoiler Warning***

The Simpsons have finally come out with a movie!

Basically, the plot goes like this: After Springfield finally gets the gumption to clean up a local lake, Homer decides to dump a huge load of crap into it. This causes the head of the EPA to take drastic action and cut off Springfield and its pollution from the rest of the country by encasing it in a glass dome. Because it was Homer that caused this situation, the townspeople mob against him but the Simpson family find a way out of the dome and escape to Alaska where they try to start over a new life. Later, the find out that the EPA has plans to destroy Springfield and they find themselves going back to save the town.

Although the movie was far from perfect it was still an enjoyable movie to watch. It kept me laughing. Although, there are segments that feel like it is one joke after another that doesn’t seem to be pertinent to the storyline. A few have said that this was very Family Guy-like. Of course, I wouldn’t even dare to make that comparison. That’s just too low! But really, the movie does keep the jokes coming and most of it does come naturally.

The two criticisms that I heard about the movie was that it seemed like a long episode and that there wasn’t enough utilization of the secondary characters. I disagree with both. The movie could have had a better plot but I thought it was high stakes enough and had enough… stuff… in it that it was worth more than the twenty something minutes. Plus the movie doesn’t have high expectations for itself and makes it a point to establish it at the very beginning. And as for the supporting characters, I have to ask, how can you possibly fit them all into the span of a movie? Most of the big ones got there shot in there somewhere but for a movie, it should be focusing on the Simpsons. They do have their name on it, ya know.

That voice of the EPA boss distracted me during the movie. I had heard that voice before and I just couldn’t place it. Not even when A. Brooks came on during the credits could I make a connection. Now that I’ve got the internet, the answer is that it is Albert Brooks the guy that played Marlin (Nemo’s dad on “Finding Nemo”).

That bit about the band Green Day was great. A lovely ending for them.

Maggie’s first word is “sequel?” Oh if only Homer knew.

Go see it. It has been the best movie I’ve seen this summer…so far.

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