Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mmm... balut!

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I've gone through three blogs today that mentioned something weird that you can cook or eat. I thought that I would share with you all this picture of a balut egg. It's a Filipino delicacy-- a boiled and fertilized duck egg.

There must be two different kinds of balut eggs. This one was eaten while I was at UPLB for study abroad in 2003. The first one that I had was in 1989. Maybe it's an Illocano thing, but the first one I had was a little more watery and the you could actually pull the duck out by its beak. Much to the disappointment of my lola, I refused to eat the duck and instead chucked it from the second floor balcony to see it make a rather nice splat. The rest of the egg was good though (for a stomach wrenching "delicacy"). I guess it will be another 14 years before I'm ready to try that again. So I guess I should start thinking for a 2019 vacation to the PI.