Thursday, June 09, 2005

A poll about DNC Chairman, Howard Dean

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WLS is currently doing a poll on their website. It asks, "Which party's membership is more fired up by DNC Chairman Howard Dean?" Choice of "Democratic" or "Republican." Of course, I have taken a second and voted. As of roughly 1750 EDT, 80% of respondents say that it is the Republicans that are more "fired up." Hey, I sided with the majority! Of course it is the Republicans. We couldn't have asked for a better gift from the Democrats than Howard Dean. As I have said before, in America, you always shore up your base and then go for the middle. Dean is great for the Democratic party base but he is even better at driving the moderates to the right. The people sitting in the RNC just sit back and smile inwardly every time Chairman Dean opens his mouth. Oh, I'll grant the liberal democrats saying that Dean is this great guy... for them. But does he actually attract the "real" moderate? I don't think so. It gets even better when elected Dems have to say that Dean is a great Chairman yet can't bring themselves to support what he says. I believe it was Senator Edwards, the other day, that said Dean doesn't speak for the party. Umm, being the DNC Chairman... I think he does speak for the party.

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