Sunday, April 09, 2017

International Food Fair - Vegetarian Edition

There was an international food fair being held at Andrews University today. I met up with my friends, Kraig and Stacey. Stacey and I have gone to this before and we enjoyed ourselves.

The event is open and you are required to buy tickets. The various booths had signs telling you what they were offering and how many tickets were required. Andrews U is Seventh Day Adventist so this is a vegetarian food fair.

Last time, I bought $20 worth of tickets. This time, I bought $10. Mostly because I am poor but this is still enough to get a good tasting meal as you can see. I don't know what half the stuff I ate was. I simply pointed and asked for what looked good. 

So what I have here going from top left and clockwise is:
Some thick doughy rice noodles with a chili (?) sauce. Very spicy and tasty. Trying to chew up the rice dough was a little off putting though. 
Chicken (fake soy chicken) Curry with potatoes and green peas. Pretty good but it was served up cold. 
Spring Roll. I needed to use up the last of my tickets. It tasted okay although I think they should have fried it longer. 
Roti flat bread. Pretty good. Helped sop up some of the sauces. 
Some kind of fake soy chicken in a delicious coconut curry sauce. Very light and aromatic. It was my favorite. 
Not seen is a slice of flan and chocolate truffle.
There were tons of other things that I would have loved to try. Fellow meat-eaters, I think you would enjoy many of things that were offered. Fellow Filipinos, if you think it is wrong to make lumpia and pancit without meat, still come, but skip that booth.