Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Maybe Get Rid of Comment Sections?

I generally don’t like to read comments made on news articles. Maybe I’m a bit of a snob but I am surrounded by idiots and I don’t want to read their opinions on things.

Recently, a local man was reported missing. His body was then found. Things like this aren’t unheard of around here. What made this bit of news stick out for me were the reactions to it. Granted, most people commenting were expressing messages of sympathy but there were quite a few people who could not help but stir up the pot with their ignorance and bigotry.

Mostly, it was the assumption that this man was Muslim. It amazed me that people because this man was wearing a turban, he must be Muslim. Because he has dark skin and hair, he must be from the middle east. Therefore—terrorist. It made me so mad because all the information was there so show that this man was a Sikh from South Asia. Pointing that out to some of these commenters didn’t make a difference. It's bad enough that people equate Muslims with Terrorism. It's just another layer of fuckery when they equate other people with Muslims--which make them terrorists as well.

One comment that boiled by blood was something along the effect of, “I hope he rests in peace with his ‘God’.” As if his god is lesser. I would challenge anyone to go up to a Christian when he or she sneezes and say, “God bless you,” with air-quotes. See how they take it.

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