Sunday, October 23, 2016

Grandpa Should Be Here

When I was a kid, I would spend summers at my grandparents' farm in Benton Harbor, Michigan. When we would go in from the fields, the TV was the only source of entertainment. My grandma would watch her soaps. My uncle would watch the news. My grandpa--he would watch the Cubs.
I never really understood why he was a fan of the Chicago Cubs. They were a mediocre team. Their wins and losses seemed to be bad for his heart. I found the game to be boring to watch--a real snooze fest.

Last night, the Chicago Cubs won the National League Championship Series. From what I understand, it is a feat that has not happened since 1945. The move on now to face the American League Champions-the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. The Cubs have not won that since 1908.

The buzz around here is a electric--at least on facebook. A lot of my friends that are into sports are talking about it. Even some that don't really care but live in or around Chicago are getting into the mood. I wish my grandpa was here to experience it.

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