Thursday, June 02, 2016

Kentucky Day 3 & Florida Bound

I figured that everyone would be sleeping in like they did the previous morning. Heck even I didn't feel like getting up either. Still I managed to be the first one up. It was decided that since we were down a hill, if the rains came, it would be difficult to get all the gear out and that we should just head out a day early and go to Pensacola, Florida. We broke camp and were out of there just after noon.

The first order of business was to get some food and then start the real drive down south. There was some mix ups and the two cars got separated as our respective GPS units were taking us on different routs. Eventually, we got ourselves back together at a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky--the home of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

William and I switched cars and I rode with Casey. I had never met Casey before this trip and it was a little awkward. I'm not good with strangers. Being bone tired and dozing off all the time didn't help matters but we managed to get some bouts of talking in and I began to like him all the more. Let me tell you, this guy has some mad driving skills!

Our next pit stop was in Chattanooga. I considered it the last bastion of civilization before we headed in to Alabama.

Finally we arrived in Pensacola and to the home of one of Kevin's friends from when he used to live in that city. She has a ton of cats. Casey and I are both allergic so we both popped some Benadryl and passed out. 

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