Saturday, June 04, 2016

Florida and Michigan Bound

I got up in the morning and started to make a breakfast of pancakes and eggs before we headed out for the beach. First we needed to get some swim shorts for Casey. Originally, Casey wasn't supposed to have come down to Florida but Kevin sweet talked him into calling off of work.
With shopping done we headed for the beach. Here we are next to the Pensacola Beach Pier. I soaked up some sun while the rest of them went into the water. I was uncomfortable leaving all our cellphones and wallets in one bag which would have been easy to steal. Then when they came back, I went in. The water was so nice but I still prefer Great Lakes water any day. To Casey's disappointment, we weren't there for more than two hours before Kevin decided that we needed to get to the fish market and pick up some food for dinner.
I felt dread when i was told that we were going to fish market. The wet market in San Fernando, La Union, was enough to turn me off forever from the smell of raw fish. Surprisingly it seemed more like a glorified meat counter that I am familiar with at my local Meijer. Kevin and William graciously sprung for some fish, shrimp, and flank steak. It was a delicious meal.

Towards the end of the evening we went to the bar. I am tempted to write more however, I don't think that I should. What I will say is that a fight broke out which necessitated an immediate drive back home to Michigan in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Aside from the last hours on the last day, it was a really enjoyable trip. I would love to do something similar again.

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