Monday, June 15, 2015

What's wrong with being Facebook buddies?

Today I just noticed that I got de-friended again. This is the second time in as many weeks. I try not to take it personally as the people who did aren't really friend-friends but it still stings a little you know?

I'm a little aloof when it comes to Facebook. I don't rarely post status updates or interact with any friends on there. I've tried to step up my game a bit but my heart really isn't it. More than anything it's more of an intelligence gathering tool for me! Yeah, I know that sounds creepy but I gladly take in whatever friends throw out there for public consumption.

I wonder if it is because I don't interact that much that people don't really care to be friends with me. Then again, it's not like people take the first step to interact with me. One of the biggest things that really gets under my skin is when I have to always have to initiate an interaction. Relationships shouldn't be one sided and I have let some friend fall to the side because I got sick of being the one to start. So I guess I was guilty of that in Facebook world and was let go.

It could have been my political views...


Oh well. To Brett and Susan: all the best.

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