Sunday, June 21, 2015

Personal Inception?

I woke up in an apartment at Western Michigan University. I was confused as to why I was naked in the living room, on a mattress which was on the floor. The morning sun was shining in through the window which was uncovered. I was horrified at thinking how many students had probably walked by and looked into see me in all my glory but I rubbed my eye and made my way to the window to shut the blinds and then I realized the situation was much worse: someone had stolen the door and replaced it with another whose dimensions were shorter than the one that should have been there.  It had gaps at the top and bottom and the color was white instead of dark brown. Then to top it off, there was graffiti indicating that this was some kind of practical joke. I started having a mini panic attack because I would have to deal with this when I had classes coming up.

I woke up in my bedroom, in my dorm room at Michigan State (a real place). I was relieved that I was not a victim of a practical joke but I glanced at my clock and noticed that it was 15:45. It was the middle of the afternoon! How did I sleep in the whole day? I knew I had missed classes but what were they? How can I have forgotten my schedule? How long have I been missing classes? Were there any tests that I've missed?  Logically, I knew that it was probably too late to even worry about it that day and that any worrying would have to wait until I could answer those questions. Still, I was having a mini panic attack.

I woke up in my room and in the real reality here in Buchanan. It was early in the morning and I was not a victim of a practical joke, I am not a horrible student at State, It's Sunday and I could role over and debate with myself I should get up early and do chores or sleep in a little bit more.  It's now close to 11:00. I think you can guess which I chose.

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Sooo-this-is-me said...

Lol, you had my attention at woke up naked! I finally stopped having those missing exams dreams. I never really had the naked dreams so lucky there I guess.