Saturday, June 07, 2014

Make It Short and Simple

I've been dealing with a huge headache for most of the day so I wasn't probably in the most patient of moods.

I thought that I would check out the Belmont Stakes coverage on NBC. There has been some buzz on my social feeds about the possibility of a horse named California Chrome to win the Triple Crown. I probably should have consulted the internet for the exact race time instead of using the program guide. I wouldn't have had do deal with extensive coverage for a race that lasts two minutes.

Later on I was checking out my rewards program that comes with my credit card.  I've got about 20,000 "miles."  I don't know why Capital One bothers with the word.  Miles do not meet miles. Instead, they are connected to the dollar cost of travel. When I checked it out, a "mile" was more like a "penny." Perhaps Capital One should change their rewards miles to rewards pennies.

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