Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You're not even close.

I was at my desk this morning clicking my way through my job when one of my coworkers, who is black, was talking to other people nearby that she's wearing the Confederate Flag.  My ears perked up at that.  A black woman in the north saying something like that is not an every day occurrence.  So looked over because I had to see this.  I saw that she was wearing what you see pictured and I immediately busted up laughing.  After I was done, I lamented over our obviously failing education system.

I have told this woman that she is my "project."  Lesson 1: Understanding the Union Flag of the United Kingdom.  So rest assured, that she now understands that this is not one of the flags of the Confederate States of America nor is it flag of the Union forces that the CSA was fighting against.  She also understands that it is the incorporation of three flags into one.  I decided to leave it at that because her head was about to explode from the rush of new knowledge.  A little bit at a time, people.

Lesson 2:  High-heeled boots are not the best footwear choice for working in a warehouse.

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