Saturday, June 08, 2013

I'm no superman.

This past week has been pretty darn stressful.  One of my coworkers left for another company location so I had to deal with her workload.  She and I do different thing when it comes to the inventory system but I used to cover her years back so I do have some experience in what she does.  The problem is that I haven't done what she does in years.  Considering how often procedures change around here, I think it is safe to say I was beyond just a "little rusty."  Fortunately with a little help, I have muddled through the week... or so I thought.

I've been notified that I will be transferring across campus.  New business is coming in and the workload for the existing crew there is going to increase.  In a way I've sort of been promoted.  You know, more responsibility without the title.  There may be a nickle or two thrown at me in terms of a pay raise but I'm not holding my breath.  The company already said they weren't giving out raises this year.  When I will finally make it over there, I don't know but I would guess by July when the new client comes online.  Wish me luck.

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