Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Death and Taxes

Like usual, I waited until the tax filing deadline before I completed my returns.  While I was filling them out I thought about these people that do not pay any income taxes because they are so poor.  Where are these people?  I'd like to meet them so they can tell me their secrets on how they manage to get by on less than what I make!  I pay in and I think that I'm scraping out of the end of a barrel sometimes looking for some loose change.  Really, who can possibly be poorer than I and not have to pay in?  Anyways, I got my fed and state forms sent in Sunday night via e-file.  Local got mailed off Monday morning.

Those who waited until the absolute last minute were probably distracted with the news coming out of Boston where two IEDs were set off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  From what I've read/heard so far, three people are dead.  No clues yet as to who is responsible.  Considering the anniversaries of Waco, and Oklahoma City, plus Patriot's Day and Tax Day, there has been a lot of speculation that it might be an anti-government nutjob.  If it had been al-Qaeda itself, I suppose we would have seen a statement claiming responsibility, but none has surfaced so far.  So it seems we're looking at a lone-wolf type of bomber.

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