Saturday, January 05, 2013

New Year--Nothing's New

I am in my grumpy bear mood.  It's winter and it's after the holidays which means dealing with bureaucratic crap with work and gearing for another fight with the IRS tax forms.  Also along for the ride is Michigan extending its hand for renewing my automobile registration.  It's not until around spring time before I start getting approachable again.  Be warned!

The other day I was leaving with the 5:15 shift.  Usually I leave early but anyways, the building I was working in has two bathroom closets.  One designated for the men, the other for the women.  If the woman's toilet is occupied, I've seen women go into the men's.  No big deal since the two closets are identical.  This Muslim temp that has been working here for a couple months was waiting outside the womens' and it looked like she had to go badly.  Meanwhile the mens' was open and free.  I told her to go ahead an use it.  She shot me a look as if I had told her to cut off her hand.  I thought, "Whatever, piss your pants," and left for home.

See? My empathy for other people is as short as the daylight hours.

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