Saturday, November 03, 2012

Headin' for the East Side

I drove to Ann Arbor to see my sister where she now lives. She took me to Michigan’s campus, where she works. She’s got a nice place I must say. Blows my sad cubicle away even if I get a nice look out over a production floor and require fellow coworker to lift up their heads to see me. Kris also took me on a short tour.
The law college is a beautiful building. It makes me think as if I’m walking on Cambridge’s campus. We went inside and into the stacks. It may be a beautiful building but it’s pretty intimidating inside. The students inside seem quiet, studious, and serious.
In the stacks.  Creepy.
For a Saturday, the campus seemed busy with crowds of students walking around. I could have sworn it was a regular school day but my sister said that this was nothing. Maybe I’m old but I remember MSU’s campus being completely dead on the weekends. Perhaps Spartans work hard and play hard. Yeah, we’ll go with that.
Afterwards, we headed across the Huron River to visit Concordia University. I had gone to camp there when I was in junior high through a church program. While there, I told her two of my embarrassing stories involving trespassing and public urination. Perhaps I will share them in future post.
Kris and her fiancé, Nate, were kind enough to treat me to a dinner and movie. It was Cloud Atlas which I suggested because I have this need to share it with people I know. I will be writing about that by the way once I am done reading the book.

It was a good day.

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