Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Day Eve

I've just completed my last minute research on candidates that I will be on my ballot tomorrow.  My selections are pretty much set now.

I have struggled back and forth on whether I should vote for Obama and Romney.  I am more convinced by Obama's economic plans and see Romney's as a bunch of smoke and mirrors.  However, I can't get past what I am actually experiencing which is higher costs for medical insurance for less benefits and a job market that is still depressed. 

I will be voting for Debbie Stabenow for senate.  While there are policy choices that I disagree with--at least I know what they are.  Her republican challenger has nothing of value on his website other than broad talking points.  I have found Senator Stabenow's offering of policy initiatives and her listing of legislative efforts to be  impressive and I wish more candidates for office would be as helpful.

The ballot proposals were pretty easy to make snap decisions.  I will be voting Yes on 1 and No on the rest.   Of note are Proposals 5 and 6.  Proposal 5 would limit the ability for the legislature to impose taxes by requiring 2/3 of legislature to approve.  Proposal 6 would prohibit the state from constructing international crossings of bridges or tunnels without a state and local vote.  These are cynical attempts to keep the legislators and other gov't officials from doing the job that they are supposed to do.

I'm kind of kicking myself as I could have run for city commissioner.  There are three vacant positions but according to Publius, only two people are on the ballot.  I was in the process of asking local friends on facebook if they would write me in but I quickly found out that Michigan won't count them.  Turns out I needed to have sent in a declaration of intent a couple weeks ago if I were to have those write-ins counted.

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