Sunday, August 12, 2012

Free food? I'm there!

See also: "Yay! No need to buy that couch now."

I was a bit surprised that the company went ahead and did another picnic but they did and I should be darn grateful right?

Most of the people that I work with did not attend.  When I asked if they were going most replied along the lines that they didn't want to spend more time associated with the company and that it is not fun.  Granted, it's no fun park but I've never had a bad time.  The food is free, I actually like most of the people that I work with and there's a good chance of getting free stuff.

One of the coolest things they did was rent a "euro bungee" thing.  There's one in the local mall but I've only ever seen kids on it.  This one I was able to catch my boss doing flips.  She warned me not to post the video on YouTube.  ...She never said anything about a picture and a blog.  heh heh.

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