Thursday, July 05, 2012

Down with the British!

My friend Kevin and I went to Silver Beach in St. Joe yesterday to celebrate Independence Day.  We went a little earlier than I wanted to as Kevin wanted to work on his tan.  I only go to the beach for a little while—just enough to get into the water.  I don’t like spending time out of the water.  I’m always afraid PETA people will come by and try to roll me back into the water.  There was another point in Kevin’s favor though.  Going early would allow us to get an acceptable (free) parking space.
The temperature was about 100 degrees but it didn’t seem too bad.  Actually, after wading around in the lake, I was getting a little chilly.  I got out of the water when some assholes brought their boat in about 20 feet away from me and dropped anchor.  The smell of pot was also in the air from one of the other boats.  I saw one woman just toss aside her beer can into the lake like it was her trash bin.  I told Kevin that I wish I had some ATRs and cause some booms of my own.

The show wasn’t too bad.  It lasted maybe 15 minutes or so but hey, that’s a lot longer than San Diego’s.  Heh heh.  Getting out of the city wasn’t too bad.  Good thing we got that good parking space!

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