Monday, June 25, 2012

Take Cover!

I'm sitting here with the windows open, letting the evening breeze air out my apartment.  Every few seconds, booms and bangs ring out.  It'll continue for the next two weeks, culminating with the Independence Day celebrations.  I find it amusing that people are sending up fireworks while there are burn bans in effect.  The constant noise though, doesn't bother me too much.  The folks around here don't have anything on the Filipinos when they go all out for New Years.  There, it sounds like urban warfare has broken out.

Also new is that Michigan now allows fireworks that you can shoot into the air.  I'm not too sure on the limits on them but before only fireworks that stayed on the ground were legal.  In practice though, local Michiganders would just cross the border into Indiana and pick up fireworks over there and bring them back.  I haven't heard of a case where state troopers stopped anyone transporting or setting them off.  Although, I do remember once, my uncle not wanting to set off anything larger than bottle rockets at the farm--cause that would be stupid when the neighbor is a cop.

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