Wednesday, November 23, 2011

“Don’t let him tear you down.”

The other night I got a text out of the blue from Ben. The last text that I sent him was over a week prior saying that I got the clue that he was no longer interested and that for what it was worth, I was glad we met. I wonder if that aggravated him or if he is like some Mr. Hyde character.

He called me “pathetic” because I am a shy and reserved guy. I didn’t know that was a crime.

He said that I shouldn’t take a vegetarian out to a steak house. Well, I wouldn’t have if I had known he was a vegetarian. Perhaps he should have said something when I asked him if Logan’s was okay. If some guy asked me if I wanted to go eat at …. Hmmm… I don’t think that there is a place I wouldn’t try at least once—but if there was one, I would certainly voice my objection.

He also complained that he didn’t like having to wake up in the morning to go see a movie. I guess this was the straw that broke his back because I never heard from him after asking him on this date. I did ask him to the movies but I asked him to park in them municipal lot. Why? Because I had planned not on a movie, but to take him to lunch and a hike at the dunes. It was one of the last warm days to go out and see the fall foliage.

When I read his text, I was confused as to why he was so mean. I really thought that he was a nice guy and it seemed like his personality did a 180. Then I felt really angry and I rejected most of what he said. As my friend Zoe said, I will not let him tear me down. I will not be defeated by a bad man that looks like an American stick insect. Instead, I choose vodka… and Chaka Kahn. Okay, I totally ripped that off of Bridget Jones’s Diary but you get the idea.


Kapitano said...

Ah well, sometimes it takes months of going out with someone before you realise it was never going to work.

Actually, I once had two separate relationships, years apart, with the same man - and both times they were like that. The triumph of hope over experience, as someone said.

Anyway, I'm sure you've heard of Dan Savage? One of the few useful things I've heard him say is that many relationships consist of both partners waiting for the other to telepathically guess what they like and don't like, want and don't want.

Because often you only find out what they're really like when they can't stand it anymore that you do what you thought they liked. If you see what I mean.

john said...

Wow, can't believe that he would react this way via text. And it doesn't sound like he knows you well enough to use the term "pathetic" to describe your personality.

Season said...

he sounds like a douche bag anyways....Happy you found that out sooner than later!