Friday, August 26, 2011

Yay! No need to buy that couch now.

Last weekend the company put on a picnic. It’s not as a big deal as the Christmas party as only hardcore workers actually come to this thing it seems. It’s only been my second time and if I am totally honest, I just came for the food.

Food wasn’t the only thing that they were giving out. There were door tent … prizes. In all my years there I haven’t won one damn thing. That’s okay I thought. Something bigger must be on the way, right? Well turns out that my name was called and I ended up with a nice folding chair.

Terry and his husband Dwight ended up with an odd pair of prizes.

Excess/outdated stock of VCRs were also being pushed out. Tim won one and went back for a second to use as an eventual replacement.


john said...

VCRs?? What would you even do with one?

David said...

Some of us still have tapes lying around. Take Star Wars. I could still watch the old-school films with my VHS tapes from the 80's.