Sunday, June 05, 2011

Too much of a good thing is… good.

A double feature is when you see two movies back to back right? Two friends had asked if I was interested in seeing two movies. First up was Jennifer who asked if I wanted to see Bridesmaids. Up next was Kraig who also wanted to see X-Men: First Class.

Jennifer described Bridesmaids as being the chick version of the The Hangover. Seeing as how I liked the Hangover films, I didn’t object to seeing another comedy. I didn’t go in with high expectations and I think that helped me to leave the film very impressed. The movie centers around a woman who has been picked to be a maid of honor. She isn’t at a very good place in her life, though. She’s broke. She lives with disturbing roommates and among other things, she keeps hooking up with a douche bag fuck buddy. Due to these pressures along with competition from another member of the bridal party, hilarity ensues.

My friend Kraig apparently is the go-to guy for all things cartoon. I like the stuff but he knows the stuff. The last X-Men movie I saw was The Last Stand and I did not like it so I was hesitant about seeing this one. I think that because it was reboot/prequel/whatever, I was won over. Personally, I think that it is a good movie. It’s not hot stuff but it kept my attention and the characters of Professor X and Magneto were refreshed. Mystique was even more interesting because I saw a whole other side to her and I kind of mourn over the character’s evolution to the dark side.

If you haven’t seen these movies and have thought about them, I would recommend them as being well worth the ticket price. Unless you’re in a city like New York where seeing a movie sets you back $20. I mean, really, at those prices you’re bending over and holding your ankles.

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