Saturday, May 21, 2011

They're Good for a Laugh

Only a little longer for Harold Camping to be correct in his prediction that the rapture is going to occur. Of course, 1800hrs has come and passed for most of us on the planet including me. Personally, I spent the day watching a film about the Fountain of Youth, doing a little shopping, cleaning, napping, cooking, and making fun of the people that actually bought into Camping’s prediction.

As I was reading some news articles earlier this evening, I also read some of the comments. There were a number of people who think that Camping should compensate the people who gave up their jobs, family, and money to spread his message. I find a hard time scraping any amount of sympathy for them. Well… I do feel sorry for the family members that were dragged through this mess. I guess I just can’t understand how someone who should be capable of rational thought can be duped like this. Even if a person believes that it is going to happen, past precedent should have told them that there would be no harm in hedging their bet. God’s gonna get you whether you are at work or slacking off at the beach. Best to be doing something in case things don’t go as planned.

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