Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Cup of 80’s New Wave

Last week I tweeted this picture daring someone to identify what movie I was watching with the hint that it was from the 1980s. Sadly no one responded but it is from The Flight of the Navigator, one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid.

In the movie, a kid named David falls into a ravine and loses consciousness. When he wakes up, it is 1986, eight years later. He hasn’t aged and everything and everyone around him seems to have moved on. Meanwhile, NASA has taken custody of a disabled UFO and eventually make a connection between David and the spacecraft. Wanting to know more, they take David to a base where he is given a room as the tests NASA plans to do will take place over a couple of days. When David turns on the television with his “remote control wand,” he sees something odd to him—a music video.

I did not know this group nor the song that was playing and as far as I know, I never heard the song on the radio. Whatever it is, all I know is that it tends to linger in my mind. At first, I thought I would track it down by something another character in the movie (played by a young Sarah Jessica Parker) mentioned: Twisted Sister. Yeah… it didn’t take me long to figure out that the song that I was looking for was not by Twisted Sister.

But I have now found it and thanks to UltimaThule8888 for posting it.

Blancmange? Nope, I never heard of them except for that one time in that one movie.


Kapitano said...

Flight of the Navigator? I remember it well. Which is to say, I remember a movie about a boy who makes friends with a spaceship that's lost its crew. I must've been 15 when I saw it, and it was great fun.

But you've never heard of Blancmange? One of the great British synthpop/new wave bands of the 80s - poppier than Human League, happier than Gary Numan and, erm, less camp than Boytronic.

They also had an incredibly silly name, though with other bands around like Haircut 100 and Kajagoogoo, no one noticed.

Kristel said...

I feel so awkward watching this video... =/

David said...

^Lemme guess. It's the sidekick that has no sense of personal space.