Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Wicker Baskets Involved

I crossed the state line to attend a company picnic. I skipped out on the first two. The first time because I felt too new and the second because I had something to do that day (although I forget what it was). I had a pretty good time. Heck, I even played some game that I never seen before which I am calling testicles because they were a pair of balls attached together a little bit of rope and I guess the object was to throw them at some bars and get them ensnared on them. Hmm… apparently I’m not the only one that calls them that.

The park that we were at is located by the river and has walking trails. Personally, I like them and in particular I like the ones located by the river because of the varying terrain. I’ve never been to this particular park so I was eager to check it out.

One of the differences between this park and the ones I’ve been to in my county is how wide the trails are. You could drive down some of them. I’m used to ones that are not really maintained and only exist because people keep walking over them.

Only a very short section of trails actually comes up against the river and there isn’t any access point into the water…

…Well not for the humans anyways. Here are some coon tracks.


Kristel said...

It's also called Ladderball, Testicle Toss, and Hill Billy Golf. :)

David said...

Which is the preferred version up there at WMU?

Kristel said...

Depends on who you're talking to. :) Nate likes to call it Testicle Toss